Round 122 mm

122-mm round with high-explosive projectile for systems "D-30", "2S1".


The 122-mm HE round is designed for the 122 mm 2S1 selfpropelled howitzer and the D-30 howitzer for destroying the manpower in the open or in field-tipe shelters, for making passages through minefields and defense wirings; for fighting the artillery and for destroying light-armoured targets.

A blank round modification is produced for sound imitation of the firing in military training.



Type of charge Full reducible Reduced
Muzzle velocity, m/sec 565 515
Range, m 15300 11800
Explosive TNT
Weight of explosive, kg 3,528
Weight projectile, kg 21,76
Operating temperature range, °С  -40…+50
Fuze RGM-2 (RGM-2M)
Propelling charge Powder Powder
12/7+12/1tr+VTH-10 4/1+9/7+VTH-10
Weight of propelling charge, kg 3,8 2,43
Cartridge case (material) Steel
Primer bushing KV-4, KV-U
Weight of complete round, kg 29,5 28,1
Packing 2 are packed in a wooden case
Case dimensions, mm 1290 х 440 х 260
Gross weight of case, kg 83 80


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