Devices of confidential communication

Crypto phone, Special cellular phone TASKO-S

Special cellular phone TASKO-S

- subscriber's principle of encrypt;
- algorithm of encrypt realized according to GOST-28147-89 in gamming regime with synchronize command and guarantee block encrypt with key size 256 bit.
- cryptographic firmness of protected channel of communication certified by State expertise.
- generation and bringing in key information are executing by support complex of KSS-K system, which can be located in central service center or in Customer's office, that will guarantee full independence of key information and high level of protection of their communication channels.
- the possibility of using symmetrical and asymmetrical regime of establishing of cryptographic protected communication. In case of symmetrical regime keys change will be everyday automatic. In case of asymmetrical - keys in crypto phone will be selected for each communication contact on the basis of alhorytm of Deeffy - Helman. The reserve of key information of crypto phone guarantee his working capacity without keys renovation during one year.
- in the crypto phone predicted the possibility to prevent of his unauthorized using in case of lose or theft.
- menu languages Russian/English.
- duration of work of crypto phone in regime of exchange of information not less 100 min;
time of cryptographic synchronization - less 4 sec.
Size: 105x48x32mm

CRYPTO PHONE - special cellular phone of GSM-900/1800 standard provide:
- in open regime executing all authorizes functions of GSM standard (voice, data, SMS);
- in protected regime to guarantee cryptographic protection of voice information, SMS and data transmitting.

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