Recycling ammunition unfit for its further use and storage:

The Complex of equipment for thermal Utilization of small arms ammunition, explosives and gun-powders.

The Complex means for Utilization of:
- cartridges calibers up to 14,5mm (inclisive)
- fuses, cap slugs and tracers

Capacity of explosives utilization – 125kg/hour (80 000 cartridges/shift)
Temperature range in chamber:
Max – 350 C
Min – 175 C

Number of revolutions of utilization chamber – 4 turn/minute
Capacity of electric installation – 3 kilowatt

Overall dimensions:
Length – 5900mm
Width – 3000mm
Height – 3250mm

Mass – 3500kg

The Complex consist of following main aggregates: Loading hopper, Aggregate for thermal utilization, Recuperator for thermal energy, Aggregate for cleaning and neutralization of gases

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