Recycling ammunition unfit for its further use and storage:

Wide scale operation on recycling stockpiles of accumulated ammunition (shells, mines, cartridges, etc.), unfit for its further use and storage, are under way.

Recycling stipulates the use of new technologies and equipment allowing to recycle mines, shells and warheads of any configuration, charged with any type of explosives (ammotoluene, TNT, AIX-1, AIX-2, TGA, etc.).

Recycling results in returning to the national economy the material resources blocked in unfit ammunition, including explosives, highly critical non ferrous and alloy ferrous metals, which are sold to companies of mining industry and metallurgy. Some materials, obtained after recycling, may be repeatedly used in production of new types of ammunition.

The complex of equipment for thermal utilization of small arms ammunition and gun-powders

The complex of equipment for ammunition utilization by hydro-dynamic method